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Updated: Jan 5, 2019


Zanby is the first character created for My Lil Petey and the main mascot and influencing branding character within the branding of My Lil Petey. He originated from an after party in 2015 when I was wearing a black and white outfit and we were playing around with this unicorn mask. I had the mask on and my friend Jade said I reminded her of a zebra-corn. Then she came up with the name "Zanby" and it stuck as her nickname for me and I love it. We share an interest in unicorns and anything magical.

I wanted to create a character for My Lil Petey but I was stuck for a while but an idea was born that night. As a character My Lil Petey is provocative, in contrast with a sweet, innocent, vibrant aesthetic creating a somewhat transgressive feeling about it. It has a sassy, punk attitude but is so fucking cute. The zebra-corn (Zanby) had to illustrate this. My preferred illustrating medium at the moment is CAD on Adobe Illustrator. I just think everything looks so much more crisp and clean. It's more effective to achieve this sort of cartoonish style quality than if I was to illustrate it by hand. Although I would like to recreate it in a graffiti style maybe in future designs. I think it would look better on fashion garments as a graffiti style illustration print but for now I like this static, cartoon illustrating style.

This character will appear on branding and product in current and future products. I so far I have designed products featuring that are available on My Lil Petey's Sociecity6 page, patches available on my Etsy page.

Doing something more artistic with this character I painted him on a pair of boots and a vintage leather biker jacket. I want to try and create bespoke fashion pieces and art and mass production fashion creating a Pop Art icon in the process.

I wanted to bring Zanby to life so I sculpted a head to be worn in photo shoots as a prop. I moulded it out of chicken wire to create the basic shape, covered it in ModRoc then used Plaster of Paris to smooth it out before painting it.

I was asked to host Leeds International Festival closing party at Studio 24. Thought it was a perfect coming out party for Zanby. Most of the night I had to sit or dance in one spot because of the weight and size of the head and the fact I couldn't see a thing.

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