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THE LOOK- Punk AF Cuteness! Clockwork Orange meets an Urban, Living Doll. 2015

One of my favourite items of clothing is dungarees. I've been wearing them for about three years. They're so cute and comfy. As a creative/designer I never see any dungarees that I love in shops so I customise them so they fit into my style. I even wear them in the winter, just with more layers; leggings, shirt, jumper, bomber jacket...or something along those lines. I don't like the idea of wearing darker colours in winter. I don't know who made that rule up but I don't play by it. I wear what I want, when I want. Fashion is an expression of what you're feeling in a moment though the medium of style and clothing. Trends are what someone else is feeling and agreeing with that

Winter Look "DOLL" Photography by Natalie Marsh Styling by Peter Marsh Snapback, Nikki Lipstick Jumper and Leggings, Boy London Shirt and dungarees, customised by me

This look is total punk cuteness. It's "Orange Clockwork" meets an urban living doll.

This outfit and outfits like this seem to be such a talking point. I'll never forget the time when this woman stared at me; not even on the sly, looking so confused then asked if I was famous and why I was wearing that. Surely if I was famous, you wouldn't need to ask because you'd know who I am. But naturally I answered yes but she then didn't believe me. And if I wasn't wearing what I was wearing, I'd be naked.

Another guy asked if I pull dressed like that.....(of course I do).

If you're good looking, have the confidence in how you're styled and the swag to stand out, I think that's sexy (to a lot people). So obviously you're gonna pull if you want.

However, a lot of people are quick to dismiss something foreign to them. For example, one time I was at a bar waiting to be served and this man next to me straight up says "I don't like you." The tone of his voice when he tried to explained his hatred by saying I remind him of Peter Pan (like that's a bad thing) was very aggressive. It pisses me off when people voice their opinion like it matters to me, like I should care. Some people get way too passionate about the way someone looks if it's creative or different. Like it's their god given right to point you out and try and shame you. It's vile.

A different time I was on the train and a guy asked what I was. Usually when people say that they don't really need a response because they can't hear you above their ignorance but the way this guy asked was different. There was no negativity in his tone so I was a bit confused to what he meant at first. He continued, "I've heard of and seen goths and punks etc but I've never seen anything like you." I took that as a huge compliment. Subcultures have such strong visual identities and look really distinctive but I'm not really part of anything.

Summer look. Photography by Natalie Marsh Styling by Peter Marsh Jumper, Mr. Gugu and Miss Go Dungarees customised by me. Socks, Nikki Lipstick

Feature on Boy London Korea's Instagram and Doll Cult Official- a page dedicated to babes that wear Nikki Lipstick.  

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