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THE LOOK- Genderless, Cyberpunk, Fan BOY(London). 2015.

"I am a deeply superficial person"- Andy Warhol, Photography by Natalie Marsh Edited and styled by Peter Marsh

I am always on the look out for cool things I can use or adapt into my ever changing image. I saw this photo on instagram and I loved it. I needed my hair like it. I went to The Hive in Leeds because they're more creative and ballsy with hair then the average hair salon in Leeds.

It almost has a feeling of some kind of fierce super villain.  Cruella Deville meets the styling of Long Clothing.

This black and white Andy Warhol print by Boy London really complements the graphic, intensity of the hair.

To break up the mass of black and white, I styled the it with my oversized "nails" digitally printed top by WIA and pink Doc Martens. I finished the look with black and white stripe sunglasses by House of Holland to add even more fashion.

The bomber jacket is reversible. I prefer the printed side but that's just my personal flamboyant style.

Photography Natalie Marsh Edited and styled by Peter Marsh

This image was featured on both the official Boy London instagram and their website.

The look is genderless, everything is unisex which I love. A lot of the things I wear would work if I was a girl.

When I wear this outfit out, it has a very split opinion (like pretty much everything I wear). Some people love it, others hate it. Some bars in Leeds don't even let me in saying I'm dressed "too casual." Call me what you want, I don't care but casual is something I'm not. I didn't really want to go in their bar anyway. All the bars on call lane are booshie as fuck.

These photos look great on leggings too. Available on on Redbubble.com.:


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