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Suited and Booted 2013-2016.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh. Suit by Topman, shoes by Dr. Marten

When I was just about to finish university I had been invited to a fashion event Nilorn held in London on The River Thames with one of my tutors and a selected few of my peers on the BA Fashion course. There, we had the opportunity to network and mingle with people in the industry from brands such as Burberry and John Lewis.

I had an extended deadline, running on no more than 12 hours of sleep that week but there was no way I was going to miss out.

I had the outfit planned (which included a piece from my recent collection of course) and a couple more options for back up with me but I really needed some new trousers. I had about 4-5 hours in London to find some with no more than £50.

First stop was Topman Oxford Street. I didn't really think I'd find anything there but in the window was a kind of scaly, digitally printed suit with shades of aqua and purple colours. The print was not too dissimilar to the print I just designed. It was perfect. I was so glad it took minutes to find something- the lack of sleep turned me into a super bitch so I'd probably would have turned into Psycho Petey.

I'd never wear this outfit again. My style has gotten less theatrical and more put together since then. But it did get quite a few compliments from fashion people on the boat so it can't have been that bad.

But I still don't believe that you should only wear one statement thing at a time. I think that's just a rule fashion people tell everyone who can't accessorise.

The shoes have to be complementary to whatever you're wearing and sometimes that means wearing bold shoes to match the level of the outfit.  Outfits like this are made to standout, so go all out and dress like a rockstar, otherwise wear something else. Just make sure whatever you're wearing compliments the look. Also make sure you feel confident and look comfortable otherwise you could look foolish.

I wanted the full suit but could only afford the trousers at the time. In the Leeds Top Man stores, they don't cater to the more flamboyant, fashionista customer so I was just hoping to get the jacket online. Luckily there it was and even luckier it was on sale.

I wore the suit to my graduation with sky blue winklepicker style shoes, a white shirt with no tie. Unfortunately I don't have any decent photos of the day because I woke up after one hour of sleep, still drunk. I'm so disappointed with myself about that. I wasn't in a good head space and I didn't even want to go, nor was I feeling proud of myself which looking back was completely ridiculous; I was graduating with a 2:1 degree but I think I was depressed. But at least my outfit was pretty.

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh. Suit by Topman, shoes by Dr. Marten.

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