• Peter Marsh

My Little China Doll, 2013

The first styling look was inspired by the Japanese subcultures in Harajuku and the 90's Club Kids. The look has a sort of Peter Pan effect feeling; that not growing up and reverting back into an even younger kid but with a punk attitude.

Location China town, London – January 2013  Photographer: E. Vidal 2013 (c) /www.emilanos.co.uk

Director & Make-up artist: Jack Tyson

Stylist & Model:Peter Marsh Hair stylist: James Oxley @rush Lighting assistant: Matteo Mencarelli.

Throughout my degree I was always interested in deconstructing/reconstructing and so I created this top out of baby grows. the deconstructed baby grows. It illustrates this concept of deconstruction of innocence. The colours are inspired by Sleeping Beauty "make it blue, make it pink". I wanted to show this kind of conflict between the two components- blue and pink, the innocent and the corrupted, punk and cuteness, naughty and nice, boy and girl.

Location China town, London – January 2013 Photographer: E. Vidal 2013 (c) /www.emilanos.co.uk Director & Make-up artist: Jack Tyson Stylist & Model:Peter Marsh

Second look was more slick. I took inspiration from Alice in Wonderland; eat me, drink me and Pinocchio telling lies; naive, innocent kids doing bad or wrong things and things literally grow out of proportion. I made it out of leather to add to that bad ass quality but chose a pale colour in contrast.

Yorkshire Post Magazine,Published Saturday June 1 2013. Photographed by Toria Brightside @ NU Fashion Show @ Canal Mills.

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