• Peter Marsh

i-D All Walks Beyond The Catwalk Presents Diversity NOW!! 2013

"The model in this photograph has a physical disability; he is a hemiplegic and cannot use his right hand. The photograph shows both arms, one being noticebly smaller than the other. Although this may not appear to be obvious to the untrained eye, I wanted to show it in this way. I didn't want to draw attention to the disability, I wanted the model to be without disability aids and be seen first and for most for his style and beauty."

Location- China Town, London- January 2013. Photographer E. Vidal 2013 (c) / www.emilanos.co.uk Creative Director and Make-up Artist- Jack Tyson Designer, Stylist and Model- Peter Marsh Hair Stylist- James Oxley @rush Lighting Assistant- Matteo Mencarelli

When I first saw this photo, I didn't like it because my disability is visible. On photo shoots I try and hide it, I'm really self-conscious about it. In this photo my eye goes straight to my arm even though others might not even notice unless I point it out.

However when I got this brief and thought there is no reason to dismiss this photo just because it shows imperfection. It's still a strong fashion image. There's no reason be self-conscious or embarrassed about it either. It's part of me, I am disabled but it doesn't define who I am and it doesn't make me any less stylish or beautiful. 

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