• Peter Marsh

Fashion Identifier: Pink DM's.

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh.

I think the majority of people have that one thing that's a constant, a staple that never goes out of style. That one thing associated with that individual and becomes part of their identity, visually; at least for a period of their lives anyway.

Like if someone would to create a cartoon of you, they'd have to include it. It could be a hair style like Anna Wintour's trademarked bob or 00's Britney Spears' midriff baring tops with the pierced belly button. It could be as simple as a shade of lipstick or a style of nail art. As a child you can play and have fun with new toys but you always return to play with that one favourite old toy you love. It's comforting, it has an aura, it fits with your personality and I think fashion and style can be the same.

I think my fashion identifier is my pink Doctor Marten's. I've had them for about four years and they're still my favourite shoes. I bought them to match my hair at the time. They first caught my attention when Nicki Minaj rocked a pair of them in the video for "Super Bass", then I needed them in my life, not because of Nicki, just because I thought they'd complement my style perfectly.

I love shoes and have quite a lot but these have definitely had the most wear out of them than any other shoe I've ever had. I wear them with all kinds of outfits; smart causal, street wear, summer, winter. I've even made them work with a suit.

If these shoes could talk, they'd probably recall more stories than I can remember. I saw this cute little article on the Nylon's website last year about the 2014/15 fall line of Doc Marten footwear called "a day in our Doc's" in which part of the Nylon team spent "24 hours" in the shoes. I don't think they spent a legit 24 hours in them. I looked at this and thought I've spent 24 hours or even longer in my Doc's before but never spent my day doing anything wholesome.

I feel like Doc Marten's have never really been "trendy" or "fashionable" but they've always been cool and have become classic. Doc Marten's are a symbol of rebellious individuality, a youthful, ballsy attitude and self-expression. 

I feel as though if you dress for you and wear what you want, developing a distinctive style that really suits you and feels right for you, you're never in danger of going out of fashion because you were never really in fashion to begin with. Your style doesn't have a use by date but trends do. 

But of course everyone gets bored and grows out of what they like or develops and tries new things and fashion inspires style just as much as style inspires fashion.

I think trends are a form of control, showing the masses what to wear and what you should aim to look like, having very limited ideas of beauty. 

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