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Dr. Martens Presents, Individual Style United Spirt #FirstAndForever. The Obsession With Drips, 2012

In October 2012, the people from Dr. Martens came to Leeds College of Art to look for the best, unique, creative, look; styled with Dr. Martens shoes or/and clothing. They then took photos and added them to the Dr. Martens competition on Facebook.

The next week, I was awarded the Best Style in Leeds.

This look took inspiration from the punk/skin head era of working class in Britain in the 70's-80's; the original target audience of Doc Marten's but completely turning it on it's head by wearing cute, candy colours. I was going for 80's white thug meets a tube of smarties. The shirt and skinnies are dyed and bleached by myself, based on the idea of a cum dump. At the time I liked the concept of dripping; that frozen moment, the melting, the wet, the mess and the sexual connotations.

I created this dress using latex and denim by attaching the denim pattern pieces to a mannequin and dripping latex down it. This bonded the denim pattern pieces together without any need of sewing.

Later it inspired this technicoloured, artist, erotic concept video:

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