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Cyberpunk Zebra Style, 2016.

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh 2016.

I was shopping in London one summer. It was so hot and sweaty. I was wearing ridiculously inappropriate shoes for walking around for hours.

I was tired and in a foul mood, then went into this vintage store where I found this coat. I wasn't too sure about it at first with the negative attitude I had. I tried it on and it even matched my outfit I was wearing. From the conner of my eye, I caught these teenaged girls who had stopped and were staring at me. For me that confirmed the coat looked dope and needed to be worn. Plus it was only £20 so I thought fuck it.

I love black and white graphic prints and have since incorporated more black and white into my outfits.

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh 2016. Shirt, H&M personalised by me. Jacket, Ceremonies Carnival Crew. Trousers, Topman. Bag, Davidelfin. Shoes, Dr. Martens.

It wasn't until I got home I noticed the label had the 2012 London Paralympic Games logo on it, reading "Ceremony and Segment/Character: Milky" and the name "Vilma Larver". So I tried to look it up.

It was part of a costume worn by a member of the "Ceremonies Carnival Crew"; an organisation set up to help support the volunteers of the four ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics (the opening and closing of both 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics) and any celebratory ceremony after

to create a unique experience. 

This piece was worn at a London Pride parade in July 2013. The print looks like some kind of message about equality and law but the way it's been cut it's unreadable. Nonetheless, it's still a cool jacket. 

This is the of the charm of vintage clothes (although this isn't legit vintage), the clothes have lived. They already have a story. Then someone else wears the clothes in the future out of it's original context and creating new stories.

I customised this shirt to give it my own personally style. It was originally a plain white, long sleeved shirt from H&M. There was a time when pretty much everything in my wardrobe was personalised. I didn't like the high street and the few designers that had menswear or unisex collections that were in my kind of style of clothes were too expensive at the time so it forced me to be more creative. Vintage, Ebay and Etsy were great too. 

First time I customised this shirt I took the sleeves off, added brassy studs and embroidered "i dunno LOL" onto the collar.

Photographed by Natalie Marsh. Edited by Peter Marsh. 2012-2016

When I got bored, I re-customised it. I created a blue gradient with a Bahama blue fabric dye and dip dyed it. I replaced the brassy studs with neon pink and yellow ones. I had some scraps of silk with my print design on it left over from my BA collection so I cut exclamation marks and X's out and appliquéd patches under the holes. Then I added orange scribbly looking stitches onto the seams.

Last week I decided to freshen up  my look by frosting my eyebrows,  I also bleached the back and sides of my hair and had a dermal piercing on the top of my cheekbone. I was feeling total punk rock and I loving it! I hadn't changed much in a long time so I was getting bored. When I don't change for a while, I feel a little stale and tired which then effects my mood. No matter whether a look really suits me, I still get so bored if I have it for a long time. I'll probably get bored with this look in about three weeks. I can already tell it's going to be a pain to maintain. I frosted my eyebrows partly in reaction to "#eyebrowsonfleek" trend and partly because I've always wanted to try it. I tried out a bold lip too.

I've never play with make up independently, it's never really interested me but was dying to work something in with this new look. I thought a bold lip would look really strong; keeping everything else minimal. Nothing on the eye, no contour, just flat foundation to create this clean, graphic aesthetic. I chose to work with a black lip to match my hair. I wanted look monochromatic like some kind of fierce, gothic zebra creature. 

Photographed by Natalie Marsh 2012 and 2016. Edited by Peter Marsh 2016.

I love a good bag but there isn't many hot bags for men/boys on the market yet, (perhaps something I will look into developing in the future). But until then they're very limited and can be quite boring. Seeing a cute bag I love that isn't too feminine and that fits seamlessly with my looks is a rarity so when I do see one, I immediately buy it or covert it until I have money to get it.

I got the most perfect bag for me by Davidelfin for Christmas. I've been obsessed with his bags for a couple of years and I finally got one. I think it's a girls bag but I don't think it's over feminine or at least it doesn't stand out as being a girls bag when I'm carrying it and even if it does I don't care; it works with my style. It's cute, it's stylish, it's kitsch but not tacky. It's Beaut! 

The zipper fell off and I lost it so I put a paper clip in its place and it looks even better. It works well with the stationary style print. 

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