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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

X Claim Nation is a fashion concept created I created in 2013 in reaction to wearing fabulously out there clothing on a daily basis and getting criticised and shamed for it. X Claim Nation is sticking two fingers up at the ignorant and embracing creativity, glamour and uniqueness. 

Creating bold, exciting street wear and catwalk pieces for both boys and girls. X Claim Nation is rebellious with a punk attitude. It has a sense of anarchy and an unapologetic nature towards dressing. 

X Claim Nation is as much fun as it is nonconforming. It’s vibrant colourful aesthetic and lively daringly punk vibe, sugarcoated with cuteness, plus a tongue in cheek humour is ultimately the brand identity.

Corruption is the first collection from X Claim Nation. It’s taking something innocent and seducing them with something delicious yet maybe morally wrong or isn’t good for them; corrupting. Inspired by the dark side of fame and the themes of temptation within Disney, it’s a reality, tabloid fairytale with no happily ever after. With a nod to pop art it, illustrates the internal struggle between being good and being bad, the innocence and the tainted. The choice of fabrics such as leather has sexual, “bad ass” connotations but the use of bold, juicy colours offsets it creating this playful juxtaposition.

Jessamine wearing X Claim Nation @ Leeds College of Art in 2013

This fashion cartoon illustrates the many ways you can wear two of my printed reversible tops.

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