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When I see something really cute I have to have it. I have a childlike approach to fashion and style. That kind of "I'm gonna wear it and you won't stop me because I want to" bratty attitude. I think it's great when you see kids wear a Snow White or Spiderman costume to the super market just because they want to wear it. If an adult was to do that, they'd be looked at like they were insane.

As we grow up, we begin to be aware of ourselves and what other people think of us. We can lose this carefree attitude and become self conscious. A lot of the time we look for approval from the peers we decide to associate ourselves with. Sometimes originality can be looked down on or people are afraid of it and we opt for a similar dress code to each other. We can lose the sense of play and become scared of experimentation. Most of us have to be seen as being more sensible and that reflects in the way we dress. 

But my attitude and style has a playful quality. I love to dress up in bright colours and experiment with styles. I have a fatal attraction to cuteness. When I see something really cute, I have to have it. I'm drawn to characters such as Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony, Disney and other cartoon characters. Anything from cute plushy toys to illustrations of unicorns, pretty much everything cute I'm probably going to love so I love it when I can incorporate this into fashion.

This is my favourite thing at the moment. It's a new addition to my cute soft toy collection. I bought it on my recent holiday to Portugal from a shop called "Teddy Mountain"- pretty much like a Portuguese "Build-a-bear". Having never visited Build-a-Bear I was so excited to customise a plushy. You chose a toy without the stuffing- naturally I chose a pink unicorn. You then chose a heart to put inside the toy. I picked a small pink one that read "first love" which was then stuffed with the scent of cotton candy! I wanted the bubblegum scent but the woman working there gave me the cotton candy to smell and it suited the unicorn more. It made me so happy. I'm such a geek for cute things.

I think Barbie is the ultimate fashion icon. She's the fantasy girl who can reflect different attitudes and personas that you create, customising and personalising styles which creates an identity for the doll but still being the iconic Barbie. She was my first insight to fashion. When I stopped dressing Barbie, I became my own doll- changing, inventing, reinventing and expressing myself though style and fashion.

I love this jacket by Tzuji. I remember when I bought it in 2014; I was working retail in a place I didn't particularly like, working so much over time over Christmas and New Year. I was so fed up. It was New Years Eve, my friends went to London but I had to work so I couldn't be bothered even making other plans. All my savings were for new clothes. I felt a little distant and lost from fashion and the fierce boy I'd created within the years prior to 2014. I had my eye on this jacket for about a month. I had just enough money in my account- I think it was £350. I was stuck in the house, a little drunk, nothing to do so I thought fuck it! Gonna buy it! Buyer remorse didn't kick in for a week, however when I received it in the post, I had no regrets. 

My sister got these Caterpillar boots for her birthday and I thought they were the most awesome, adorable boots I had seen in a while. I'd just bought a pair of baby blue Timberland boots and even though I loved them I sort of had shoe envy and was kind of gutted I didn't see the Cats first. Cats have being traditionally working, masculine boots so seeing these cute polka dot design on a this boot to me has a sense of humour and irony to me and fit perfectly with my style. One or two months later I bought myself a pair. They looked as though they were designed with me in mind- regardless of the fact they are "girls" shoes. I don't necessarily shop gender- I buy men's, unisex, women's, whatever, as long as it fits right, it goes with my style or the image I want  to portray that day and makes me happy. I love clothes, shoes and accessories that instantly make you smile. I like to make other people smile and brighten the day with a cute outfit. It brings me joy.

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