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As part of my branding for my final project on my fashion BA I created 'Petey', mascot of X! CLAIM NATION. He was a mischievous, sassy fashionista with a punk attitude but still loveable and adorable. Kinda like a Disney character but a little less child-friendly. I wanted to create an icon like fashion brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs with his 'Miss Marc', and Karl Lagerfeld with his "Karlito".

After designing my original unicorn  ZANBY, I decided to use aspects of 'Petey' from my X! Claim Nation logo to create a second unicorn 'YUM'. From this, I aim to create a squad of punk unicorns, all with different personalities and styles that are representative of different elements of My Lil Petey. I will then design products and garments with this branding of the different unicorns, specifically designed with the same visual language as the individual unicorn. The elements will come together to create a diverse collection.

I was inspired by the Abercrombie & Fitch top I customised. I tie-dyed the bottom pink and as the rest of the top was white, the dye gave the white a pale pink hue after being washed, which I preferred.

Splashing black ink onto it gave it a bit of grit, a bit of attitude and aggression with a dirty, harder look in stark contrast with this cutesy, sweet vibe coming from the baby pink, showing both femininity and masculinity in basic ways.

I was struggling to name this one. Usually I don't name things, other people do or they give me an idea and I run with it. I was toying with naming it after candy but I thought that it was too cheesy and an obvious thing to do. So I stole the name YUM from my co-star 'Yummmiy' on the porn site Chaturbate. I called it "YUM" because of the sweet aesthetic but my co-star got his nickname because he's sexy. With this influence in mind I decided to draw out a different version of "YUM" and changed the expression on the original design's face. I wanted it to look more sexual to convey "yummy" as not just as sweet but lustful too. I thought the original design didn't have much personality, it didn't match the sass of "ZANBY" and wasn't on brand for My Lil Petey. It looked like a standard, basic unicorn. By using the character I created for X CLAIM NATION 'Petey' as inspiration, I gave it a lot more attitude.

The other version I created is a debauched, porno creature. He has an overtly sexual, male, nude body. At the same time I created another unicorn called DRIP. They will eventually join more filthy unicorns yet to be created to form an elite of horny, pornographic unicorns.

One YUM  will exists in DRIP's world- the more X-rated, adult of the two; the other exists in ZANBY's world. Both are the same character, same attitude and style, just illustrated different. 

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