My Lil Petey is rebellious with an unapologetic nature towards dressing with a punk attitude but a sweet, adorable aesthetic with a hint of vulgarity.  Contradiction in Clothes.

My Lil Petey is the brainchild of Leeds based Creative Director and independent artist and fashion designer Peter Marsh. The brand focuses on designing and producing unique genderless fashion items, creating bold, exciting club wear, streetwear and bespoke pieces.

The spirit of My Lil Petey has a sense of anarchy, celebrating the weird, embracing creativity and revelling in uniqueness.

Word from Creative Director Peter Marsh.....

“My Lil Petey was born out of a need to create. It started as a blog at university project at Leeds College of Art when I was studying for my BA in Fashion. I’d upload and talk about my inspirations, personal and professional creative projects and my ever changing personal fashions and style.

I was always a creative kid who loved to draw but this could have been taken from me when I had a stroke and brain hemorrhage at the age of 9. My right side was completely paralysed and had to learn to do everything all over again.

Originally I was right handed so I had to learn to be left handed, despite this it wasn’t going to stop me from becoming an artist. I just had to crack on and work with what hand I got dealt. 

Looking around me I knew I had to work harder than anyone else to succeed. It was an unsaid thing but I knew because of my disability I had to have an edge and beat expectations otherwise I’d fail or have trouble in later life.


When I was in hospital I always had a Barbie doll or ten beside me. I wouldn’t say that I was into fashion back then but I think she was a gateway and is the ultimate fashion icon. I never fitted in at school and when I came back after my stroke I was the “fat kid”. Because I couldn’t walk and was comfort eating a little, so of course I was going to put on weight and I got teased for it. I used Barbie as an escapism into a beautiful, glamorous lifestyle. When I lost the weight I had terrible acne and was still was very visibly disabled and was extremely insecure about it. 

I didn’t realise it at the time but I used fashion as a distraction and a mask, I became my own doll. Dressing much older than I was and becoming “trendy” was a way for me to feel less “ugly" or “normal”, taking control of people’s perceptions or making my disability and terrible skin feel less of my identity. I had to conform and copy what I thought was the archetype of beauty to realise I was beautiful myself. 


I was painfully shy and playing around with fashion, style and art was a strength and where I felt confident so when my confidence grew, I grew tired of looking like a pretty boy mannequin. I developed my own style, combining my creativity and influences into my look, customising fashion and making statement.

Through this I turned into my own person, took ownership of my disadvantages and learnt to be proud of my hardships. I became the most authentic version of myself with the confidence of a rockstar. My Lil Petey ultimately stands for triumph over adversity."

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